Personal Training (available on zoom or telephone)

personal trainer in Cheltenham AreaAll assessments and sessions are currently on Zoom. 

I have developed personal training for seniors in response to requests from people who could no longer attend classes and wanted to carry on progressing their fitness, and from personal recommendations from friends and relations.

Personal training is just that; it allows me to spend time getting to know your strengths and weaknesses, to discover together which areas to focus on and improve.

Sessions in the home are useful to see where your barriers and challenges are: whether it is getting in and out of the bath, reaching the bottom cupboards or getting off the floor, these skills can often be re-learnt.

Using a bed to perform exercises in a lying position is invaluable if you are not able to get down onto the floor. This position allows for work on the core postural muscles, and practising key skills needed to get up from the floor, for example crawling.


Initial Assessment (90 mins) £50

Regular sessions (60 mins) £40 or £50 per couple

Shorter sessions can be negotiated if appropriate (30 mins) £25 or £30 per couple.

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